Wilderness Villa

The Wilderness Villa is located by the lake Perunkajärvi, in the middle of peaceful Lappish wilderness. Due to its remote location the villa offers possibility to see reindeer and other arctic animals in the yard and in the forest surrounding the Villa. The location, away from artificial lights, is also perfect for Northern lights and star gazing. 

The surface area of the Wilderness Villa is 90 m2. The two bedrooms are located downstairs and there is a loft upstairs that is perfect for example for older children or it can be used as a playroom. The Villa has a nice airy open-concept kitchen and living room, two toilets, an electric sauna with two showers and glass-enclosed terrace.

Both the terrace and living room offer gorgeous views to the lake. Specially designed barbecue lean-to rotates 360 degrees offering panoramic views of the lake. 

A 15 m2 studio apartment (located in a separate building) is excellent for the staff members. The closest airport, Rovaniemi Airport, is 40 minutes drive away. 

  • Location: Rovaniemi – Finland
  • Size: 90 m2
  • Capacity: 6 guests
  • Number of bedrooms: 2 bedrooms+loft, also separate studio apartment (15 m2) for the staff
  • En suite: –
  • Closest Airport: 38 km/40 minutes
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