Villa Aurora is a spacious villa with a modern interior in the popular destination of Tromsø in Norway, this villa will create an unforgettable trip. The main living room of the villa is extremely spacious, but so are all the other common area’s as well as the bedrooms.

There are some wonderful hiking paths surrounding the villa making an amazing place for that midnight sun. In Tromsø, in the month of June, the sun does not set during the night.

The winter is a perfect time to chase the Aurora Borealis, which uses Tromsø as its dancing ground several times each year. The name of the villa, “Aurora”, is also the Latin word for the Northern Lights. If you did not catch the Northern lights there are still countless other jaw-dropping experiences waiting for you in this amazing city.

Villa Aurora boasts 8 bedrooms that can fit up to 21 guests in total (this would include sofa beds).

There are three large bathrooms and an extra two separate toilets. The fully equipped and large kitchen will ensure for some great dinner that can be enjoyed in the living rooms long dining table. The yard comes with an outdoor grill which can be used for some outdoor open fire cooking. There is a jacuzzi present outdoors as well as the large. sauna cabin with fireplace snug right next to it. If that does not give for enough activity there is a table tennis room present as well.

Villa Aurora is located on the southern tip of the Tromsø city with direct access to the sea water. The views provided from the villa are of the neighboring fjords. From the villa it is only a 5 minute drive or a lovely 30 minute walk to the centre of Tromsø.

  • Location: Tromsø – Norway
  • Capacity: 21 guests
  • Number of bedrooms: 8 bedrooms,
  • Number of Bathrooms: 5 bathrooms
  • En suite: –
  • Large sauna
  • Closest Airport: Tromsø airport
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