The name for the villa ”Summer Breeze”, which is the literal translation of summer breeze, was chosen for the large area surrounding the property, providing plenty chances to catch that summer breeze.

A private beach property located in Stenungsund secluded in a cove of forest and bordering 200 meters of coastline. This property can almost be considered as a small sized boutique hotel with its 11 stylish bedrooms and bathrooms. The beautiful gardens are directly leading to the water dock area, and on the left side of the villa is a private tennis court.

Villa Summer Breeze can function in many different ways, it can be used for weddings, anniversaries, conferences, management seminars, and kick offs. Or for that family reunion at the coast of Sweden. The property is available year-round.

The area around the villa has beautful hiking paths making this destination a great way to get back into the nature.

The property is located in Stenungsund which is 2hr and 45min drive south of Oslo and only 45min drive north of Gothenburg. As mentioned before, there are great hiking terrains surrounding the villa as well as the possibility to shoot leather pigeons every Tuesday and Wednesday in Uddevalla, (20 minutes).

A day trip to Gothenburg can be combined with visiting the theme park Liseberg, the most visited theme park in Sweden. There are also several 18-hole golf courts in the nearby area of this property.

  • Location: Stenungsund
  • Capacity: 22 guests
  • Number of Bedrooms: 11 bedrooms,
  • Number of Bathrooms: 11 bathrooms
  • Indoor Pool: Yes
  • Sauna: Yes
  • Tennis court: Yes
  • Closest Airport:: Trollhattan airport, 1-hour drive
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