Sami Culture & Northern Lights in Utsjoki

Welcome to Northern most region in Finland! Utsjoki is located in border of Norway and Finland and major of habitants are indigenous people, Sámis. This culture is bonding Norway and Finland very tightly and its common to find Norwegian Sámis in Utsjoki village. Utsjoki is one the smallest communities in Finland with 1200 habitants. However wilderness areas are one the vastest in Finland!

Also Northern Lights are the most visible in Utsjoki compared to rest of Finland due the parallel and usually weather conditions are ideal to observe this mighty phenomena in Arctic.

Driving time to Utsjoki is approx. 1,5 hours from the airport and scenery is astonishing when we leave from pine tree level. Norwegian mountains are visible to hundreds of kilometers.

Once we arrive to Hotel Deatnu, local host will greet us and we will enjoy welcome drinks at reception and restaurant. Check in hotel and time to relax before dinner in specialized Sámi restaurant.

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