M/H Arctic Explorer

The newest luxury travel product in the region, designed to enable guests to immersively explore the Nordic and Arctic regions in ultimate comfort and style, yet with their own resident expert team and with exclusive access to unique activities and experiences within a bespoke, made-to-measure itinerary.

For the ultimate in luxury ocean experiences on the sea, many would choose a fully-crewed super yacht – either Motor Yacht (M/Y), or Sailing Yacht (S/Y) to deliver the ultimate combination of service, guest-experience and access to some of the world’s most beautiful places.
It is now possible to take chartering to a new level with the launch of the ultra-luxury Motor Home (M/H) Arctic Explorer.
As with any exceptional yacht, you will benefit from your own experienced crew, the best in service and the opportunity to access exceptional destinations and bespoke, professionally-delivered activities.

M/H Arctic Explorer’s crew includes a driver and a private chef, as well as your own expert crew to facilitate the ultimate experience of this exceptional region. Your itinerary can take you to some of the most remote, unique and beautiful places on earth, moving from day to day, arriving each evening to a new breathtaking and pristine spot to make your home for the night. The ultimate travelling 5 star hotel.
This creates a new benchmark for luxury, private Arctic adventures for couples and families who are looking for bespoke and authentic adventures, but who still wish to have privacy, luxury, service, security and safety.

M/H Arctic Explorer is fully equipped with a range of onboard facilities, such as e-fatbikes, hiking & fishing equipment, luxury glamping kit and separate support staff accommodation.
No more late check-outs, daily packing/unpacking, scheduled tours, complex logistics or variable accommodation – M/H Arctic Explorer delivers the ultimate private, luxury Arctic experience from beginning to end.

Embark on an 8-day journey with the M/H Arctic Explorer and discover the most magnificent parts of the Arctic Region.

Day 1 Rovaniemi – Finland
Day 2 Inari – Finland
Day 3 North Cape – Norway
Day 4 Tromso – Norway
Day 5 Senja – Norway
Day 6 Lofoten – Norway
Day 7 Abisko – Sweden
Day 8 Jerisjärvi – Finland

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