Greenland – The Explorer’s Dream

Greenland, the explorer’s dream. Beautiful nature, great local food, and exciting adventures. Exclusive experiences, thrilling expeditions, and an exclusive luxury camp in majestic Greenland.

At the private camp you are offered individually adapted adventures in complete solitude. Everything is comfortable, free and relaxed settings added gourmet experiences. This is a place to disconnect from the modern world and to reconnect with family, friends, oneself and nature.

With comforts as hot showers, private toilets, hot tub, chef-prepared meals and more. Nothing in the Arctic wilderness is comparable. You won’t have to leave comfort despite the remote location.

We offer an exclusive itinerary which is individually adapted to suit mood, ability and weather. We go where no one else goes – you being the only tourist. You will be able to be as active, or relaxed, as you’d like. All tours and activities are private and based from the Camp.

Like no other place a stay in the Luxury Camp leaves the opportunity to experience a plethora of Greenland. From the Norse history and ruins to modern day Inuit life in isolated settlements. Calving glaciers, icebergs, tall rising mountains, deserted settlements, whale, seals, reindeers and the mighty ice cap – all is there to be lived and learned.

Everything is included upon arrival to Greenland, the stay at our luxury camp, all meals, beverages, transportation and activities.

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