Faroese cuisine and untouched nature from above

Join us to enjoy Faroese gastronomy and untouched nature from above on this six days/five nights journey to the Faroe Islands. With one dinner party, two helicopter flights, an excursion on a vintage Sail Ship, a cave concert and hiking in the epic nature, these islands will take your breath away.
Relish the Faroese cuisine with fresh seafood en masse, brutal dining, traditional dining, dinner crawl and dining on water. Onboard for one of the most unique fine dining experiences in the world

UNTOUCHED NATURE : The Faroe Islands, a small archipelago in the North Atlantic, counting 18 small islands and a population of only 50,000. In addition to offering scenic landscapes and vibrant wildlife, the country has much else to offer. With a history spanning more than a thousand years, the Faroe Islands is rich in cultural practices, traditions, and geo-specific nuances, making it an exciting destination for the curious traveler – what that is in terms of nature, culture, history, or all of the former. When traveling to the Faroe Islands, travellers can expect to be amazed by several elements: Scenic landscapes, unique culinary traditions, a rich and humble culture, and much more.

FAROESE CUISINE : Fermented fish, dried lamb, aged beef, salted fish. Faroese cuisine is rich in variety and truly unique in flavour. While much of Faroese cuisine is appreciated by travellers, foods such as fermented fish, dried lamb, and blood sausage require some courage from first-time eaters. That said, the Faroe Islands host a dynamic gastronomic scene and in recent years chefs and restaurateurs across the globe have experimented with their own variations onour traditional fare, e.g. Faroese tapas, Faroese sushi, and much, much more.

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