Arctic Lodge

Arctic Lodge, a log chalet boosting 355m2 of luxury is hidden away from the civilisation in northern Lapland, by majestic lake Inari. Modern facilities make the lodge a perfect hideaway any time of the year, while the untouched nature, the lifestyle of Sámi, and the Nordic mythology are about to contribute to your lifetime experience in Arctic.

Arctic Lodge celebrates all what the Finns love: privacy, connection to nature, wood-burning sauna, and panoramic views to the lake with own beach. This is however boosted by world-class luxury uncommon to the region. With 5 bedrooms, various lounges, fully-equipped kitchen, fireplace, outdoor jacuzzi, numerous bathrooms and a terrace overlooking the terrain, you are surely to be pampered with space and luxurious comfort. With unique, environmental solutions with the mix of traditional and modern look, the architecture of the lodge has created a place found nowhere else.

With direct access to the lake and surrounding wilderness, the lodge provides an ultimate hideaway and an ideal location for those seeking wholesome living, outdoor experiences and something totally different.

  • Location: Inari – Finland
  • Capacity: 10 guests
  • Number of bedrooms: 5 bedrooms
  • Closest Airport: Ivalo Airport
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