Luxury Action, the leading luxury travel company in the Nordic region, is introducing a thrilling new wildlife-viewing tour option to its customers. In the same way that visitors to Africa can watch out for the Big Five animals on safari, Luxury Action customers can visit the North to spot the Arctic Eight.


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Tailor-made tour itineraries can be devised according to budget and season to combine maximum travel comfort with superb wildlife viewing opportunities. The eight creatures in question are the Polar Bear, the Wolf, the Wolverine, the Brown Bear, the Reindeer, the Elk, the Eagle and the Whale, each of which can be spotted in specific locations in complete safety in the company of experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Depending on budget, transport by car and plane can be included in the tour, and in the best viewing season, which is usually during the Arctic summer when the wildlife is most active. Tours are perfect for photographers and families, and travel to the area is through airports all over Scandinavia.

Tailor-made adventure

Individual luxury camps with exquisite Arctic gourmet catering can be provided in each location and itineraries can be adapted to how adventurous you want to be. Luxury Action ensures your safety at all times. Excursions are made against the backdrop of Europe’s wildest, most dramatic scenery. Guests find out about all aspects of Arctic nature. Evidence that this is the cleanest air with the cleanest water in the world, for example, is seen in the plentiful naava or beard and horsehair lichens that hang from Arctic trees – a sure sign of the absence of pollution.

Luxury Action pledges to donate 5% of bookings to Arctic charities or wildlife conservation and research.

extra options:

  • Whale watching off the Norwegian coast or walrus viewing in Svalbard
  • Experience Sámi lifestyle and culture in the Kautokeino community in Norway
  • Discover and encounter exotic Arctic wildlife in Finland’s Ranua Wildlife Park
  • Learn about Lapland at Rovaniemi’s Arktikum museum
  • Explore Sámi culture and history at the Siida museum in Inari
  • Find out about Arctic nature, breathing the world’s cleanest air and drinking the world’s cleanest water

For more information and to make your booking,
contact Mr. Janne Honkanen

CEO, Founder Luxury Action ı +358 44 515 1796

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